New Parents Meal Planning Websites

Bringing your new baby home from the hospital can be an overwhelming experience. Here are suggestions to make life easier.


In the weeks before your due date, do a thorough cleaning and purging of your refrigerator and freezer. Ask a friend to set up a meal planning website (suggested sites below) and then give him/her a list of people for invitations.

A few tips to make the meal planning site as useful as possible:
1) Only plan on getting food delivery every 2nd or 3rd day. It allows you time to finish the food you are given and gives you rest days between visitors. It also allows meals to come for a longer period of time.
2) List food allergies, likes and dislikes. Give suggestions of favorite restaurants, if someone only has time to bring you take out.
3) Put up a sign on your door or next to your door bell asking people to please knock vs. ring the bell. You won’t know when your little one will be sleeping.
3) In the notes section of the meal planning website, ask that food be delivered in containers that do not need to be returned. Have them put their name on the containers and the name of the dish (for thank you note writing later).
4) Suggest that people arrive at a specific time, say between 6-7 pm in the evening and leave a cooler on the front porch, in case you are not home or are not in a position to receive your guests.

Meal Planning Site Suggestions easy sign up platform that also allows you to purchase food gift cards, if you have family/friends who don’t live in the area. Also coordinates that are chef prepared/delivered meals. – can make financial contributions, purchase online gift cards or donate to families in need. – also has an updates and a well wishes section to coordinate communication