In April 2011, key partners in the Boulder Jewish Community came together to choose collaboration over competition and to work to address the challenges of 21st century Judaism. A local foundation, 18 Pomegranates, served as the catalyst and founding funder for the collaboration. Since then, we have met monthly to create a more engaged and vibrant Jewish community. We began with city-wide events bringing together everyone regardless of denomination or affiliation to celebrate Jewish holidays together. As we already have such a rich tapestry of programs within our partners and stakeholders, we decided to leverage our monthly meetings to develop innovative initiatives that capitalize on our camaraderie. We did extensive research on the most inspiring communities.

In Spring 2013, we began creating local Jewish liefcycle resource guides that put all of the community’s varied resources in one easy place for people planning a wedding or having a new baby. Now you can go to one website to find officiants and explanations of rituals instead of contacting each individual organization. We also undertook “A Year of Shabbat” compiling a variety of resources to celebrate the rest and renewal of Shabbat at home or in community. For major holidays, we bring together offerings from around the community so you can find the most meaningful way to celebrate for you. Jewish Together-Partners also engage in cross-community dialogue visioning a future of the Boulder Jewish community that is both thriving and financially sustainable.

In December of 2013, we added a co-sponsor, the Boulder Jewish Community Foundation (BJCF), to increase community support in our initiatives. The BJCF’s proven track record of successfully establishing Jewish infrastructure, and their compatible vision for Jewish life in Boulder, make them a perfect co-sponsor.


Past Initiatives

Community-wide Tashlich in Central Park – Rabbis from multiple congregations gathered to host tashlich for the whole community; Judaism in the “open space”
Passover Deconstructed: Ideas for Your Seder– community-wide day of learning and creativity with Rabbis and spiritual leaders from around the community and nationally-recognized innovator Noam Zion
Yom Ha’atzmaut – over 190 people gathered to celebrate Israel’s birthday
Centralized High Holiday Listings – High Holiday offerings from 16 organizations and synagogues in one central space on the Jewish Together – Boulder website
Comprehensive High Holiday Marketing Campaign – connecting people to our centralized high holiday listing via advertisements on Colorado Public Radio; regional and city RTD buses; via social media; and in King Soopers
21st Century Visioning Retreat – for change agents in our community (rabbis, executive directors, board members and education directors) with nationally-known expert in engagement, Rabbi Ariel Burger
A Year of Shabbat; One Community’s Passionate Desire to Connect – creative engagement strategies to help people connect with the rest and rejuvenation of Shabbat in community or at home