Get to Know the Community Concierge

We took a moment to interview Michael Rosenzweig to get into his head and see what makes him tick.

You’ve been called “The Swiss Army Knife” of the Jewish community, what are some of your jobs at the Boulder JCC?
In addition to the concierge services I offer as the community concierge like coffee dates and referrals, I run Flatiron Tribe the Jewish young professionals organization. I also help run our summer camps and BJCC outreach events like the Jewish Festival and Matzah in the Aisles during Rosh Hashanah.

What would you say is your Jewish “specialty” or focus?
Engaging the unengaged and making Judaism fun!

One Jewish Event I recommend: Definitely Ignite Chanukkah. It only comes around once a year, but it’s quite the event! 100s of Jews, gripping 5-minute presentations and lots of latkes and vodka!

One Secular Event I Recommend
: Live music at the Laughing Goat is always a great night out. get some work done or enjoy the show with some local coffee or a beer!

Hobbies: In no particular order, I love snowboarding, playing the guitar and ukulele, camping, experiencing live music at shows or festivals, and drinking delicious, local craft beer.

What is a fun fact people may not know about you?: I lived in Hawaii for a year and taught school.

Favorite Jew: That’s easy, my grandma. She’s the coolest Jew I know, and definitely imparted how important being Jewish is to everyone in our family.

What is your favorite Jewish Holiday: Purim…who doesn’t love getting dressed in costumes?!

Food: Now this is a close one, it would have to be either Bagels or Matzah Ball Soup.