Our Adult Resource Guide includes designations for young adults, baby boomers, empty-nesters, seniors and those who overlap categories. Offerings are from across the spectrum of Jewish life. Liberal and traditional, one time events and series, small groups and large. With such a wide range of choices, we hope there is something for everyone!
We’ve divided our offerings into four categories:


About the Categories

  • Social Action – volunteer and create positive change in your community
  • Connection – meet new friends, deepen your connection with acquaintances
  • Learning – classes, DIY, studying with Rabbis, you name it, we’ll help you find it
  • Chavurah – which means “group of friends”. How to form a Chavurah and a list of open Chavurot (plural of Chavurah) in Boulder and Boulder County


A Bit More About the Programs

Without pigeon-holing people into specific demographic groups, we’re all about building community, making connections and developing relationships. We’ll give a general guide to the program or offering, and you can decide if it works for you.
That said, we’ve found that certain groups tend to attract certain demographics and some people feel more comfortable with people around their age. As a result we will offer the following additional descriptors to programs.
Young Adult – Generally defined as 21-45
Adult – Generally defined as 45-70 (baby boomers/empty-nesters/active adults)
Seniors – Generally defined as 70+